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Private/Group Instruction

Jonathan provides private and group instruction in the following areas of study:

• Classical Guitar
• Jazz Theory/Jazz Guitar
• General Guitar (Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced)
• Fingerstyle Guitar
• Ukulele
• Mandolin
• Bass Guitar (Beginners/Intermediate)
• Banjo (Beginners)

Contact:, or fill out the form for more information!


CAGED System Basics 1 - An Introduction to Fretboard Geography
CAGED System Basics 2 - Transposing CAGED System Chord Progressions
CAGED System Basics 3 - Minor CAGED Chords, Arpeggios, and Progressions

"16/16." David Grisman. Grisman/Garcia- So What [lead sheet]
"32-20." Robert Johnson [fingerstyle guitar]
"A Mi Que." Jesus Guerra, arr. Jonathan Hawkins [solo guitar]
"Alice in Wonderland." Bill Evans, arr. Jonathan Hawkins [solo guitar]
"Araber Tantz" (Duet-Banjo) [accompaniment]
"Araber Tantz" (Duet-Eb Lead) [lead]
"Baby Let Me Lay it on You." Rev. Gary Davis [fingerstyle guitar]
"Bay A Glezele Mashke" (Duet- Banjo) [accompaniment]
"Bay A Glezele Mashke" (Duet- Eb Lead) [lead]
"Baym Rebn Suddeh" (concert) [lead sheet]
"Baym Rebn Suddeh" (Eb) [lead sheet]
"Dance." Jizue. (Live at DAX 9/13/2014) [lead sheet][solo]
"Dark Blue." John Scofield. Hand Jive. [solo]
"Dolphin Dance." Herbie Hancock, arr. Jonathan Hawkins [solo guitar]
"Etude #2." Rudolphe Kreutzer. [solo guitar-notation]
"Etude #2." Rudolphe Kreutzer. [solo guitar-tab]
"Etude #2." Rudolphe Kreutzer. [solo mandolin-tab]
"Everything in Its Right Place." Radiohead, arr. Jonathan Hawkins [solo guitar]
"Dragon Gate." Larry Coryell. Spaces Revisted [lead sheet] [solo]
"Four." Miles Davis, arr. Jonathan Hawkins [solo guitar]
"Four."(v2) Miles Davis, arr. Jonathan Hawkins [solo guitar]
"Giant Steps." John Coltrane, arr. Jonathan Hawkins [solo guitar]
"Green Dolphin Street." Keith Jarrett. Keith Jarrett Trio- My Foolish Heart [solo]
"Green Earrings." solo by Drew Zingg. Steely Dan- Live at Saratoga Springs 1993 [solo]
"Hop Joint." Mississippi John Hurt [fingerstyle guitar]
"Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight." Mississippi John Hurt [fingerstle guitar]
"I am the Light of this World." Rev. Gary Davis [fingerstyle guitar]
"It Don't Mean a Thing." Duke Ellington, arr. Jon Hawkins [solo guitar]
"Just Friends." John Klenner, arr. Jonathan Hawkins [solo guitar]
"My Favorite Things." Richard Rogers, arr. Jonathan Hawkins [solo guitar]
"They're Red Hot." Robert Johnson [fingerstyle blues]
"'Round Midnight." Thelonious Monk, arr. Jon Hawkins [solo guitar]
"Sher" (Eb). Abe Schwartz [lead sheet]
"Sher" (concert). Abe Schwartz [lead sheet]
"Summer Samba." Marcus and Paul Sergio, arr. Jonathan Hawkins [solo guitar]
"Take 5." solo by Dave Brubeck; music by Paul Desmond. Dave Brubeck Quartet- Time Out [solo]
"Tennessee Waltz." [concert lead sheet]
"Tennessee Waltz." [Eb lead sheet]
"Well You Needn't." Miles Davis. Steamin' with the Miles Davis Quintet [solo]
"Why Don't You Do Right?" Ella Fitzgerald. Ella at Zardi's [vocal lead sheet]


Rock Band Camp

An 8 week course in everything you need to know to organize, rehearse, and perform with your very own band. Outside of ear training and musical skills, students will develop strategy, collaborative efforts, and problem solving skills through planning, practicing, and performing their own show in a professional facility for friends and family. Recording session/CD included.



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Jonathan Hawkins